About Us

RiverFleet is a legal consulting company:

  • helping its clients apply the right strategy to the hiring of their advisory team
  • assisting clients with the management of their project or transaction
  • providing additional resource to its clients to complete their transactions on time and in budget

Choosing what legal services to employ is a difficult task even for those in the know!  If you have a project or an M&A transaction or a new loan facility, what law firm should I hire?

What accountant should I use? What should be the terms of their engagement?

Not every part of a transaction needs a "rolls royce" service but some parts most certainly do!  RiverFleet will work with you to make your advisory team more efficient and cost effective.

RiverFleet will assist you with the management of your transactions including the provision of additional resources to help you complete your projects on time and in budget.

Stuart Hills is the founder and CEO of RiverFleet and has been a lawyer for over 20 years.  He regularly acts for corporates, financial institutions, funds and family offices on their most complex transactions and projects.

Stuart Hills